Breakfast at Gail’s Bakery

I work with an amazing team and I also work near Gail’s Bakery. Which is why when a colleague suggested we all have breakfast together one morning, I didn’t try to come up with an excuse. Good company and good food is all I want (but especially for breakfast). On one very cold, blustery morning everything was made a little bit sweeter by the smell of freshly bakes goods.

As seems to be the trend when I ever go out for breakfast, I ended up ordering far more than everyone else. I never regret this and actually most of the time I wish I’d ordered a little extra for later too (tell me there is someone else reading this who also has a bottomless pit for a stomach). Along with my chai latter, I went for a maple glazed scone, and honey & almond sourdough with Windrush Valley goat’s curd, honey & toasted pine nuts.




There is a reason why Gail has such a good reputation and on that morning I started to fully understand. For one thing, the chai latte was probably the best I’d ever tasted. It was thick and rich in flavour and spices, and wonderfully warm. The maple glaze on the scone was more bitter than I expected but this complimented the sweetness of the scone so well, I loved it.

But the highlight for me, the star of my breakfast show was the sourdough with honey and almonds. Goat’s cheese and goat’s milk I have had but curd? I was curious to see how it would taste and if it would go with the rest of the ingredients. It went very, very well. Judging from the contented noises everyone was making around the table, I definitely wasn’t the only person to love their meal.

I am so, so glad that I work with really good people, that we enjoy each other’s company before, during, and after work. Thank you Gail’s for giving us a breakfast we can’t wait to recreate.

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