Run Junkie pop-up in lululemon Marylebone


Run Junkie pop up in lululemon Marylebone

Run Junkie pop up in lululemon Marylebone

Earlier this week I had the chance to try Run Junkie in their lululemon Marylebone pop-up – an indoor running experience like no other. Running helps me to let go of what we don’t need and hold on to what inspires. That day at work hadn’t been a good day. There were so many worries and stresses going around my head and I was so tempted at cancelling. But I love running, and nothing helps pick my feet up and put a bounce in my step again like running.

With Rory, a Run Junkie trainerWith Rory, a Run Junkie trainer

Run Junkie are having a two week pop up at lululemon’s Marylebone store. Even though it is my closest store I have only been there once before (the closest store to my work is another one altogether) and didn’t even know they had an upstairs space where they could host indoor running sessions.

I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the studio. I definitely didn’t expect Rory there! He was a Nike trainer and runner who led many, many sessions back when Nike used to have regular run clubs. It was such a pleasure to see him there and already my mood was improving. I couldn’t wait to get started. The class was intimate, with only 6 people, and once we were all on a treadmill, the first thing Rory asked us to do was start walking holding onto the handrails.

This is because the treadmill was unlike one I had ever used before and getting used to it took a few moments.

Run Junkie use Skill Mill, a treadmill like no other. It’s curved and has no buttons. Instead it’s completely powered by the person running on it. It’s a simpler way of running. But more than this it is a fun and invigorating workout. I thought I would miss electricity but I didn’t – with these leaning forward increases the speed and leaning back decreases it. It was actually run fun playing with it!

The 30 minute class flew by. There were three minute endurance runs, where the purpose was to reach a certain distance, circuits with squats and Skill Mill’s endurance levels to work the hamstrings and glutes, and right at the end sprint intervals to reach our top speed.

The half an hour flew by and even though I can only speak for myself I think everyone in my class had a brilliant time. Using my own strength and stamina and power to propel myself forward on a treadmill was more invigorating than I had expected. I also felt more proud than I thought I would. The speeds I hit and the distances I managed to run in those time limits? Pat on the back to me!

Run Junkie is in lululemon for one more week and if you can, go! It’s a really fun, sweaty class which leaves you feeling powerful and full of endorphins.

Disclaimer: Health Bloggers Community were kind enough to send me an invitation to this pop-up. This hasn’t affected my review – I really did have the best time.

Run Junkie workout inn lululemon Marylebone

Run Junkie workout inn lululemon Marylebone

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