Hell Week at Barry’s Bootcamp – Round 3

Outside the studio at Barry's SW1

Outside the studio at Barry’s SW1

I love Barry’s Bootcamp. And I love their Hell Week. This is my third Hell Week and you can read about the first round here I didn’t write about Round 2 which took place at the end of 2017 because that was when I wasn’t blogging at all. This time however I am back in love with blogging and writing. Amazingly with Round 3 I also wasn’t at all nervous possibly because there was so much other stuff happening in my life at the same time. Instead the fifth Monday of January rolled around and I made my way over to Barry’s new SW1 studio with a spring in my step.


  • £85 for the whole week of classes. Usually single classes are £20 each so this is a hefty discount (comes at just over £12 per class)
  • £5 / £7 per day for the post-workout smoothies. Delicious as they are I only had one in the whole week so for me this additional cost was £5.

My classes were in their SW1 studio, in Victoria, or their London Central Studio in Euston.

Mural outside Barry's SW1

Mural outside Barry’s SW1

Monday – Miles 18.40

My Hell Week started with an Arms & Abs session with Miles. I went to the SW1 studio after work and as I said above, had a spring in my step. I think that came out in my treadmill sprint because I hit double figures for only the second time in my Barrys life. Ten miles per hour! My plan was to only do three treadmill sessions during the week and the rest to be double floor classes. Hitting my top speed was the best thing I could ask for.

Tuesday – Alex 18.40

Double floor butt and legs. This is possibly when I should have done a treadmill session because holy moly. A colleague from work came with me and I think we both died. There were weighted lunge hops, lunge jumps, and so many lunges that for the rest of the week my legs ached. I never work on my legs enough because I think running covers it all. It’s only after classes like this that I realise it really, really doesn’t.

Mirror selfie at Barry's Bootcamp

Mirror selfie at Barry’s Bootcamp

Wednesday – Miles 18.40

Chest, Back, and Abs saw me back in Miles’ class for another double floor session. These are the parts of my body I really want to work at so was really looking forward to this class. What I didn’t realise was that in order to work your chest, back, and abs you have to use your arms. By the end of this session my arms were dead, my legs were aching, and my hips were staring to get tight.

Thursday – Izy 13.00

This Core and Abs class was actually taken at lunch with other colleagues and we all headed to Barry’s together. Their lunch classes are ten minutes shorter (so people can shower and get back to the office fairly sharpish) but the same price. Instead everyone who does a lunch time class gets a free shake. I don’t know what I prefer, a discount or a free shakes. Regardless a free shake is what i received and it was delicious.

This wasn’t a double floor class for me and once again I hit double figures on the treadmill! Dare I say it…were these speeds becoming normal for me?

Friday – Jemma 08.20

This was the hardest class for me to do.  Woke up that morning so, so stiff. My hips might as well have been planks of wood for all the good they did. Jemma’s class was a Full Body Class and boy was I feeling it. My body hurt and all that kept me going through this double floor session was sheer determination. How was I going to survive the next two classes?

Saturday – Tee 11.15

Full Body Class number two rolled around and amazingly I woke up on the Saturday in not as much pain as I thought. My hips were a lot less tight and that has to be because I hadn’t run in Friday’s session. I wasn’t going to run in this class either and I think that was a really good decision for me to make. Tee’s treadmill workouts are hard and just listening to what she was telling them to do, I was very glad I listened to my body. But while my legs had a break, my arms and core didn’t.

Barry's Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp

Sunday – Izy 12.30

On Monday I didn’t think Sunday would actually come around but it did. As I said at the beginning I was planning on running three times during Hell Week, the third being Sunday. However I wasn’t planning on running in the studio because I had a 10k race in the morning – the London Winter Run. Full Body 3 was another double floor session but I was very aware that my legs were tired and had already worked hard.

That’s not to say I didn’t push myself in the last class of Hell Week, I did. I wanted all the sweat from all the hard work. I left the class feeling incredible, on top of the world, with slightly shaky muscles.

If Hell Week is something you’d like to do then I recommend it. Plan the week carefully so you don’t manage yourself or end up unable to walk from the DOMS. I do think you need a basic level of fitness but you can always tailor the workouts to suit where you are.

As with Rounds 1 and 2, 3 was all kinds of fun. I’ll definitely be doing another in the year as long as it doesn’t clash with another race!

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