Medal Monday: What do you do with your medals?

Me with my Disney Half Marathon medals

Me with my Disney Half Marathon medals

Medal Monday is one of the really fun hashtags which is all over Instagram. Every Monday people show off their race bling. They proudly wear the medals they ran miles for and sweated buckets for. I love seeing them all and when I’ve run a race over the weekend I always post a picture on the Monday.

But what about after Monday? What happens to all those medals – all that race bling that people collect? I actually don’t display mine. And if you knew how much I fawn over the medal when I get them, you’d be as surprised as I am. I wear them the day of the race, the day after the race, and if that isn’t the Monday then on the Monday too. Then I take the medal and put it in a tote bag which lives in my dressing room stool.

And that’s it. They stay in a bag in a stool until I ever feel like having a look at them. Then I take them out, think about the race, and then put them away.

Me with my Disney Half Marathon medals

Me with my Disney Half Marathon medals

On Instagram you see all these medals displayed in people’s homes. I obviously don’t do that – I don’t even display my marathon medals. And it got me thinking – am I in the minority or is everyone just displaying them for the gram? I started asking around and the results were more interesting than I thought.

Georgia – marathoner, triathlete, and Half Ironman in training

My medals take pride of place on a picture hook in my bedroom. It’s right by my door, so I see them just before I head out for a run or training session. I literally never throw medals away, so every now and then I like to flick through them and remember all the amazing events I’ve done!

Karen – marathoner, foodie, and lover of everything

So my medals….I actually keep them all on my bed post. I’ve got used to them rattling every time they move!

Michele – marathoner, Barrecore instructor, and cat mum (though she says ‘mom’ and I can’t bring myself to do that!)

Apart from my two marathon medals (Paris and Berlin), and my Boston Half Marathon medal (because it’s my ‘home’ city), I’ve tossed my other medals. The memories of the races are the important thing fro me – noth the medals. Natuatrally the question of ‘but why the marathon medals?’ comes up, and right now, those signify to methat I accomplished something I never thought I’d be able to do let alone multiple times. As I collected my Majors medals, those will remind me of the goal I’m chasing. And there may come a day when I’m chasing ultra marathons that my marathon medals get recycled too, but for now they hold significance to me.

Laura – TV lawyer by day and five time marathoner by the rest of her day and weekends.

I have them all saved in a special box at the moment, along with the relevant race number (no matter what state). I’m still looking for the perfect medal rack!!

Emma – marathoners, 24 hour burpee finisher and world record holder, and Iron Man finisher

My marathon medals are more than just a medal. To me they represent dedication and resilience and that I can push myself to achieve something great. For this reason after the race I wear it to bed, I don’t even care if that sounds weird! I always get my marathon medals engraved with my time too. I have them hanging opposite my bed so every day when I wake up I remember I can do great things.

Sabrina – mental health advocate, all round superstar, and runner

After I have worn them around the house for a day or two (!) I hang them on the dresser at the end of my bed. I love that a reminder of my achievements are one of the last things I see before I close my eyes at night.

Me with my Disney Half Marathon medals

Me with my Disney Half Marathon medals

Me with my Disney Half Marathon medals

Me with my Disney Half Marathon medals

It’s so interesting to read what other people do with their medals. From this very small sample, I am definitely in the minority! What do you all do with your medals? Let me know!

All photos taken by the incredible Kaye Ford 


  1. Elle @ keep it simpElle 16th April 2018 / 3:58 pm

    I have to many to display! Most are in a bag somewhere… the rest were having on the back of my bedroom door but I had to take them off just the other day as they were making too much noise esp in the night. They are currently in a pile on the floor… lol Think I might consider throwing some away now tbh…

    • Rosh 16th April 2018 / 4:33 pm

      Haha! I think I would go mad if they were on the back of my door – any noise at night wakes me up. It’s so true that the memories stay even if the medal doesn’t isn’t it? Throw them and de-clutter!

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