Reviewing Speedflex, the new class in London

A class using the Speedflex machine

A class using the Speedflex machine

I always jump at the chance of reviewing classes. Once upon a time there only seemed to be three in all of London, and they were all targeted to people who weren’t me. Now of course London is awash with very cool fitness classes to try and last week I had the chance of going to Speedflex. Speedflex is a London-based studio where the main draw is this incredible piece of kit used to work your whole body.

The machine

The Speedflex machine prides itself on being pain free. You read that right – pain free. This is a machine which helps you achieve low impact, high intensity workouts.

Each machine can be used in multiple ways, for example squat and press, bent over row, military press, and even sit ups. It looks very futuristic. I was intrigued to try it out, to see what they would be like to train with.

What I really loved about them was that there was no need to adjust or change anything before using them; you can work at your full intensity (whatever that may be) and the lever moves at whatever effort you apply, no matter what the person before you was doing.

Each machine has three little bulbs on the side which light up when you use it. The colour depends on your effort and it was a nice way to push myself without having to pay attention to numbers.

My instructor using the Speedflex machine

My instructor using the Speedflex machine

The studio

Speedflex is such a beautiful studio! It’s tucked away in the City, just by Bank station. Clean, light, and airy it’s everything I love in a studio. There was a very friendly member of staff I chatted to before the class started. And because I actually ended up being really early I was able to change my class time to one earlier too.

Before the class began I was given an introduction to the machines and shown how to use them properly. Of course there was be an instructor in the class but I was so grateful to be given some early guidance.

This was both brilliant – because I could get home earlier – and also tragic – because the earlier class was also a longer class (woe is me!). So I went into the studio, knowing I would sweat all the buckets thanks to these machines.

I don’t mean to brag, but it’s my blog so I will (and to be honest, I do mean to brag) but I was told repeatedly that my form was ‘excellent’. Pats on the back all round! Turns out I have been paying attention all these years to people who know what they’re doing.

The class

What can I say about this class? My thoughts that I would sweat all the sweat and fill all the buckets most certainly came true.

This 45 minute Flextreme class was split into stations. In pairs (I was paired fortuitously with an expert who didn’t mind showing me again how the machines worked thankfully) we went from station to station. Each station had two exercises and we would complete both three times.

60 seconds of hard work, then 20 seconds rest. However in those 60 seconds there was a set number of exercises you had to do, so if you finished earlier then your rest was longer than 20 seconds.

In this section the exercises ranged from using a Speedflex machine when box jumping, jump squats, dead lifts, and kettlebell swings. I was exhausted and exhilaration by the time I finished my last rotation. But the class didn’t end there – there was a finisher round full of core exercises. This was actually my most favourite part since I love working my core.

Someone using the Speedflex machine

Someone using the Speedflex machine

So what did I think?

As I said, I was exhilarated by the time the class finished. These machines are very, very cool. However, I missed getting down and dirty and using my actually body weight to work out. Amazingly, I also missed the muscle pain I usually get at the end of a really hard session! I use that as a psychological reminder that I worked really hard: did I work hard if there is no pain? Of course I did, but I will missed it.

With the Speedflex machine and the more traditional HIIT workouts, I felt that Flextreme was a full-body workout. I definitely recommend you all try a class here, especially if you’re like me and love playing with new fitness tech. They offer a free taster class if you’re new which is perfect.

None of the pictures in this post were taken by me – I was so engrossed in working out that I didn’t take any photos!

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