It’s the Little Things

The little things are making my life so much better

The little things are making my life so much better

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that my life isn’t exactly how I want it to be right now and this is probably one of the most stressful times for me. I recently went for a run where I sobbed most of the way (running is cathartic!). While there is so much of the big stuff I can’t control, there is a lot of the small stuff I can. And these little things are getting me through the days and weeks.

There have been so many scientific and psychological research conducted and papers written all about how important the feeling of self-control is. Recently I felt like a leaf blowing helplessly in a gale but I have finally started to gain some weight and anchor myself back down to earth. While I’m not ready to discuss some of the big changes, I want to spend this time talking about how little things have made the biggest difference.

Getting my hair cut

I love RUSH Hair & Beauty. This is the second time I have had my hair cut with them and once again I was not left disappointed. My stylist, Magda gave me the loveliest head massage as she washed my hair and then went on to listen to me, and what I wanted. She suggested her own ideas and in the end I had the most beautiful head of hair which actually swished as I left the salon. It’s not often my hair swishes!

It’s the same feeling when someone does my eyebrows or paints my nails: that feeling of being taken care of, of knowing it’s all going to be OK is a balm. I now have a new side fringe, a handful of long layers added in, and no more split ends. Magda also very kindly asked me if I wanted to do something about my grey hair, but those I love. If I had my own way I would go grey instantly now and be an Indian Storm (X-Men reference, you are my kind of person if you got it!).

Treating myself to an outrageously expensive pair of earrings

Dior Tribal earrings in aged gold-tone metal and murano glass. Need I say any more?!

Staying plastic free

Plastic Free July is rolling around again. Some of you may remember my pledge last year to reduce the amount of plastic I use. Well something that really made me feel so much better was knowing that I was doing something different to help something or someone else. In this case, it was the oceans.

I want to write a full post on this but it centres me that I am doing something to help protect the planet I love.

Saying yes to more things

The thing about my adulthood is that I wanted to be invited to all the things but at the same time I don’t really want to go. Well I am trying to get out of this mind set and have started saying yes to things I would normally say no to. I am forcing myself to meet people more regularly, to take them up on the amazing ideas they have, and to just get myself out there more.

Because of this I have met some amazing new people, kept in touch with the people I love most, and even found myself treating myself to delicious meals alone. Because sometimes it isn’t about saying yes to other people, but saying yes to myself.

Reading all the books

I have also started reading more widely. Usually I read crime but now it’s all about everything and anything. I am reading books on loveimmigration, and historical scientific research. I love it. The feeling of selecting a book to read from a full shelf makes me feel ridiculously content. There are so many worlds for me to enter and embrace.

Japonisme by Erin Niimi Longhurst - one of the current books I am loving

Japonisme by Erin Niimi Longhurst – one of the current books I am loving

It’s strange isn’t it feeling as if you don’t have any control in your own life? The big things will always challenge me but I will always be able to change the small things which make such a big difference to how I view the world and how I view myself. They make such a difference.

Thank you so much RUSH for the amazing hair cut. If any of you want to give your locks a new style, then RUSH offer a massive 50% off to first time clients if you use the code ‘RUSH50’ when you book online!

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