psycle_studio_day-26707London ETC is one of my favourite feature on this blog. It’s the chance for me to talk to some amazing women (and men!) about their love of London and fitness and food – you can read past editions here. This weeks’ edition is slightly later than normal but all for a very good reason. Earlier this morning Psycle hosted a blogger ride – have a look at my Instagram and my Instagram story here for all the fun – and today’s London ETC is with none other than instructor and CEO of Psycle herself, Rhian Stephensen!

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Rebecca Gentry – runner, personal trainer, Nike+ Run Club Coach, and all round superstar – was one of the first people I met when I started running with Nike in 2015. Since then I have run with her – and been motivated by her – almost every single week. I remember talking to her earlier this year when she had something like 45 races and her own wedding in the space of about two days (I am exaggerating but only very slightly!). Becs took everything in her stride and helped the rest of us achieve our goals too. I was so thrilled when she agreed to be part of London ETC and she talked to me all about her favourite training spaces, her love of sweating, and why she loves training in different climates. Clue: it’s all about the clothes!

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I can’t tell you all how excited I am to kick of my new series of conversations, London ETC, with the one and only Elizabeth Kerr! I met Elizabeth earlier this year at a FitMiBody event where she had provided some delicious post-workout snacks. After that we kept in touch with each other and last week I went to her first Supper Club! With London ETC she talks about the bits of London she loves, her favourite training spaces, and her passion for good quality, sustainable food.

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Ava Marsh’s Esposure

Kitty Sweet isn’t like anyone you’ve ever met before.

She’s an infamous porn star, imprisoned for double murder. As damaged as she is charismatic, as dangerous as she is charming.

But once no different from you or I.

Kitty’s past is full of heartbreak and desperation, of adulation and glamour. Of ruin. She’s descended to an underworld most people can only imagine, and lived to tell the tale . . .

This is her story.

Ava Marsh’s Exposure is the latest in a long line of excellent books I have recently had the pleasure of reading. Last year I read Ava’s debut novel Untouchable and had the chance to interview her too. Like her first novel Ava uses Exposure to explore the sex industry but this time from the point of view of a porn star rather than an escort. We meet Kitty Sweet in prison where she has been found guilty of a double murder. Through flashbacks we get to the bottom of Kitty’s story but even then you’re not entirely sure if she’s being honest….

When I had the chance to interview Ava again I was over the moon! Her books are the kind which grip me, make me feel uneasy, and disturb me in the best way possible. The interview is behind the cut – enjoy and then go get the book!

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2548.Paula and Roshni 640After a quick run together last weekend I was given the opportunity to compare marathon stories with Paula and ask her what her top marathon tips are and which of her many marathons is her favourite. I can’t tell you how excited I was about having the chance to run with and interview the World Record holder. I really, really hope you all enjoy this.

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‘I think my first marathon has to be on the list,’ Paula Radcliffe says as she sits opposite me after a NRC (Nike Running Club) shakedown run the day before the 2016 London Marathon. We had both just run a very gentle four kilometres from Oxford Circus to Holborn through London streets bathed in sunshine. ‘It was the first time running here in London, it went amazingly well and it was the race I had wanted to run with my Dad in 1985.’

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