I was less than three when I got my ears pierced for the first time. When I say ‘I’ of course I mean the Mothership took me to the chemist. I begged and begged her. I cried and threw loads of tantrums. The thing is she was planning on getting them pierced anyway but made the mistake of getting my younger sister’s done just before the chemist closed. So then I had to wait a whole night and my burning jealousy could have powered a small town.

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I really haven’t been this excited about lipstick in years which is actually quite strange considering how much I love lipsticks. But I have my favourites and haven’t felt all that excited about other ones I see. Then I saw Chanel’s Rouge Noir and for the first time in ages I went lipstick shopping.

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Stylist Magazine, a free London based weekly magazine, hosted their first #StylistLive last week – an exhibition of food, fashion, books, and beauty. I bought myself a ticket for this on the first day they went on sale, back when 2015 was still a very young year. As with most things I am really excited about going to I just couldn’t sleep the night before (I can’t wait to be ‘adult’ enough for this to stop happening to me). Also, and this is a massive confession, I got to London’s Business Design Centre an hour before they whole shindig opened. AN HOUR.

Amazingly there was one woman who reached even earlier.

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I have previously blogged about my white hair. It’s something I have and I accept it and while I have no desire to colour it, the other day a little girl was astonished by the silver in my hair.

Her: Miss you have white hair.

Me: I know

Her: Do you have a son?

Me (not really getting it but finding the situation funny): Nope.

Her: Miss, do you have a husband?

Me (laughing now): No.

Her: Then how can you get grey hair?

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photo 1 (1)So I rarely straighten my hair. It’s naturally curly and I love it in a fishtail plait. When I do straighten it I realise just how long it is. In fact the last time I cut it was in June 2012 so pretty soon it’ll be three years since I last let someone near it with a pair of scissors. I don’t think I will be cutting it again unless its condition seriously deteriorates. I don’t believe in the strange school of thought that says your hair will grow faster if you get it cut regularly. Seriously, how can that ever be true?

To my actual amazement someone asked me about my hair care routine. As routine’s go, I really don’t have one so I roped in Cousin whose hair is luscious to help out. All our secrets (mainly her secrets) are under the cut.

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