Earlier this week Nike hosted the second of their #NikeMilers time trials.  The second, which seems like yesterday, was help 15 weeks ago. On that day my mile time was 7.57 and I was over the moon. I wanted to break the 8 minute mile time so badly. Then when they hosted the session again I wanted nothing more than to beat that time – I would have been happy with 7.56. Instead look at my time! I felt on top of the world.

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Speed is not my friend and even though I was a sprinter as a child (in the loosest sense of the word, no one else in my class wanted to do it so I did) I definitely am not one now. I love my steady pace and longer distances but I was excited about going to this session and pushing myself. Running always makes me feel as if I am flying and sprinting feels like dive-bombing through the air. The location was in a car park in London Bridge and one of the first things we had to do was climb to the very top (13 flights) in order to some sprinting and squatting. View Full Post