A little over six months ago my cousin told me that she and her husband had signed up for something called Wimp 2 Warrior. I’d never heard of this and promptly went to do some research. This was my cool cousin, the one who always had the most amazing hair and the best clothes. She was also the one who practiced Kung Fu and went to China multiple times to train and fight. She’d also had a baby three months before.

So I was in under no doubt that this was something equally impressive and cool.

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Dear Cousin, the Bride,

I know you are on your honeymoon right now, hopefully (and probably) having a wonderful time in Venice listening to a Gondolier croon sweet nothings at you and your husband as he gently propels you through a little stream, but I wanted to pen you a letter as it was your wedding last week.

I also wanted to pen it now before I forget all the little details which made it all the more wonderful.

I also like using the word ‘pen’ instead of write which is why this is the third time I have used it.

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