As a petite woman I still have to be convinced by boyfriend jeans. They look amazing in theory but then as soon as I put on a pair I look like a small child playing dress up. No thank you. In comparison skinny jeans are everything I could ever wish for. And the other day I popped into Zara and tried on a pink pair which I now can’t and won’t take off.

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Hands up, I feel in love with Mad by Chloé Esposito when I first saw the cover. It’s so, so beautiful and really fits the story. Then I read the blurb…

‘There’s something you should know before we go any further: my heart is in the wrong place. Now don’t say I didn’t warn you…’

Perhaps that’s why nothing in Alvie’s life has ever gone right? Until now.

She can finally abandon her credit card debt – and her fruitless three-way relationship with Tinder and Twitter – when fate gives her the chance to steal her identical twin’s perfect life.

It’s just a shame Beth had to die to make Alvie’s dreams come true.

So begin seven days of sex, violence and unapologetic selfies – one wild week that sees Alvie break every rule in the book. She never did have much respect for boundaries.

It might be madness, but rules are meant to be broken. Right?

Meet Alvina Knightley: uncensored, unhinged, and unforgettable. And most definitely capital letters: AGFHDJFKGFKK this book was so much more than I was expecting and I absolutely loved it.

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I don’t know where April went but it came and went so, so quickly didn’t it? I didn’t even realise how late I was with my 7 Things for this month until I looked at the date this morning! Personally May has always been a bit of a blah month  (sorry for everyone who has a birthday this month!) because nothing ever seems to happen. It’s generally wet and slightly damp. It’s also more or less cold and not all that pleasant. However only a week into May and the weather has been glorious!

I have spent most of the month outside, either running or walking or gardening. It’s been lovely and glorious and all kinds of wonderful. Coming up with my 7 Things has also been a pleasure. This month I feel hopeful and happy.

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Four 6km runs in four days and no knee pain and very little ankle pain. I am back!

I don’t want to celebrate too soon because who knows what will happen to my legs tomorrow, but I can’t help but be excited. I am so close to being able to do what I could before things started to go wrong. My speed and stamina need a lot of work but I have managed to run consecutively for four days and have no limp!

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One of the things I love about commercialism is that things are now open more often than not. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of things I love about commercialism – and a lot I don’t – but this has to be my favourite. I remember days when things used to be closed on Bank Holidays! Now it seems as if only actual banks close their doors and everywhere else is very happy to welcome customers.

Which is why over the Easter long weekend I spent Friday and Saturday shopping. Not just clothes shopping, though I did that too, but food shopping. In the markets local to me. There is something about buying fresh fruit and vegetables which makes me very happy.

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