Stretching the truth on Instagram…we all do that don’t we? We pretend we ‘woke up like this’ when really it took 35 minutes to get the pillow creases from our face. No one wants to see pillow creases. What Katie Brenner does in Sophie Kinsella’s My Not So Perfect Life is take that one step further. She takes pictures of other people’s food and coffees when they are in the loo and posts it.

Yes. She does that.

When I read that I realised I couldn’t quite relate to Katie Brenner as much as I probably should have.

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William Benson is a barrister with a difference: he has a murder conviction to his name.

When I was given the chance to be part of this blog tour I jumped at the chance. Well written legal thrillers are brilliant and this one sounded as if it would fit perfectly into that category. As a barrister Will Benson is the underdog and not many people in his profession want him to succeed. But a few key people have always been in his corner and thanks to them and his determination Summary Justice starts with Will being asked to defend a woman accused of murder.

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Sirens was a book recommended to me by a friend. He praised the plot and the characters, telling me only enough to get me interested. So when he offered me his copy I took it and started to read. Sirens is the story of Detective Aidan Waits who after he is caught stealing drugs from evidence is blackmailed into an undercover operation. He spends his nights following The Franchise, a clever gang run by a very interesting man, but when he is asked to help David Rossiter, a very powerful MP, keep tabs on his teenage daughter who is now part of The Franchise everything changes and nothing for the better.

This review is going to be as spoiler free as possible but I will be talking about the plot and the characters – enjoy!

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Lois and Carly-May are just twelve years old when they’re abducted, driven across the country, and imprisoned in a remote, isolated hunting lodge for two months. That summer, under the watchful gaze of their kidnapper, they form a bond which will never be broken . . .

Decades later, both Lois and Carly-May have built new lives and identities for themselves. Lois, a professor of literature, is shaken when an obsessive student reminds her of the man who kidnapped her, a man she saw shoot himself on the porch twenty years before.

Out in LA, Carly-May is drinking too much and watching her beauty-queen looks fade, clinging to the last remnants of a once-promising career as an actress. When she reads a shockingly familiar screenplay, she warily she takes a role she knows is based on events from her own life.

Increasingly haunted by the devastating experience that shaped both their lives, Lois and Carly-May are drawn together again in a world that both echoes and falsifies their beautiful, terrible story.

I picked this book up because I loved the cover and the blurb and thankfully this wasn’t a case of a book’s cover leaving me wanting. I finished Pretty Is as quickly as I could and loved every single page. It’s a gripping tale of two women haunted by an event in their past which they can’t let go and also won’t let them go.

I also had the chance to interview Maggie Mitchell all about Pretty Is and the interview is below the cut. I asked questions about all aspects about Pretty Is and there are spoilers, so be warned.


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This is one of the books I was incredibly excited about reading. Currently my reading world has been taken over by Gone With The Wind which just isn’t finishing and I was actually very excited to put that book down for a little while and read all about Martha Lost.

Martha is lost.

She’s been lost since she was a baby, abandoned in a suitcase on the train from Paris. Ever since, she’s waited in station lost property for someone to claim her. It’s been sixteen years, but she’s still hopeful.

In the meantime, there are mysteries to solve: secret tunnels under the station, a suitcase that may have belonged to the Beatles, the roman soldier who appears at the same time every day with his packed lunch. Not to mention the stuffed monkey that someone keeps misplacing.

But there is one mystery Martha cannot solve. And now the authorities have found out about the girl in lost property. Time is running out – if Martha can’t discover who she really is, she will lose everything…

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