I am part of a book blog tour! I love these because a) I get to read a book well before publication, and b) well, I get to read a book well before publication.  Initially I wasn’t sent an actual copy of a The House. I was sent an envelope with a set of keys and a clue to unlocking a website….

Once I managed to solve that clue I was sent a copy of this book. It arrived almost perfectly as my holiday to Canada began so into my hand luggage it went. Enter stage left my mum who decided that she wanted to travel to Canada without hand luggage. I don’t know what her plan was – to survive a ten hour flight on wishful thinking and glitter? – but she lasted about three minutes after take-off before asking me if she could read The House. Since I am The Best Daughter In The World, I gave her the book and then spent a sizeable amount of time watching her plough through it, trying not to scream at one more exclamation of shock.

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