2548.Paula and Roshni 640After a quick run together last weekend I was given the opportunity to compare marathon stories with Paula and ask her what her top marathon tips are and which of her many marathons is her favourite. I can’t tell you how excited I was about having the chance to run with and interview the World Record holder. I really, really hope you all enjoy this.

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β€˜I think my first marathon has to be on the list,’ Paula Radcliffe says as she sits opposite me after a NRC (Nike Running Club) shakedown run the day before the 2016 London Marathon. We had both just run a very gentle four kilometres from Oxford Circus to Holborn through London streets bathed in sunshine. β€˜It was the first time running here in London, it went amazingly well and it was the race I had wanted to run with my Dad in 1985.’

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